Full organizational suppor for your perfect event or incentive program!

We offer you a wide range of services needed to cater a bespoke Incentive or team building program, from itinerary planning, innovative solutions for everybody’s taste and budget! With our past experience and a full organizational support, your event or a business meeting will be organized with local knowledge and expertise. Share your ideas and plans with us and we will make your event or incentive program a big success!

Incentive and team building

Inovative and tailor made programs planned with knowledge and expertise.

Every company wants happy and productive employees. But that can be a difficult balancing act, to say the least.

The key to uniting both happiness and productivity? Motivation.

With an incentive travel or team building program, employers can integrate destination travel rewards within the company culture to simultaneously boost productivity and enhance employee satisfaction. It is a fantastic way to show employees that they are valuable to the success of the company, and that their contributions are appreciated.

Plus, there are so many unique travel destinations to offer, that an incentive program can remain a vital component of a company’s management strategy without ever growing stale and ineffective.

If you think your company could benefit from a motivational incentive travel or team building program, feel free to reach out to us. We can answer any questions you may have about logistics, pricing, travel ideas, and more.

Meetings & Corporate Event Planning

Professional organization support on location, highly individualized service, directly adapting to the needs of the client

A special event for a company or just a business meeting or a business lunch, can be a big deal for your company’s future. It does not matter if it is a connected to a new product launch, or if you are celebrating 15 years of company anniversary, we know that all meetings and events you are planning are utmost importance for your company, and that is why it will become of utmost importance for us too. We will make sure all goes smooth and well, while you do your business.

Over the years, we’ve learned how to obtain the greatest value for our clients, and the service that we provide are:

  • Create Event Design
  • Arrange food, décor, entertainment
  • Plan for transportation
  • Arrange all Accommodation
  • Arrange all technical requirements
  • Coordinate and supervise all activities

Sustainable Tourism

All our products follow a high quality standard procedures, with incorporated sustainable tourism belief for high satisfaction and best results.

Local Experts

Our high educated employees are experts for the locations we represent and offer. We love what we do, and we are sure that this enthusiasm will reflect the programs we will do for you.

Innovative Offer

In depth knowledge of destination and good connections to our suppliers are the guarantee that even the most complex projects will be operated smooth and flawless.

Competitive Prices

Our negotiating power with local suppliers give us great opportunity to offer flexible prices and best possible offer for all your projects.

You have an idea? Contact us for a solution!

When you are looking for a local expert for seamless experience and high quality programs, look no further, contact us for a program and offer.