A small country with a beautiful coast and sea, fantastic food, astonishing cultural and natural heritage

Croatia is not a large country, but you will be amazed to find so much history, so much beauty and so many perfect holiday destinations or special event venues in such a small country. Croatia’s history dates back thousands of years, with many historic buildings perfectly preserved.

A magical Mediterranean country with diverse and abundant of natural wonders, with 8 national parks, 12 nature parks, and the diversity of the Adriatic coast and thousands of islands, represent its nature beauty, as well as its sports and adventure potential – biking, hiking, rafting, sailing, or just peaceful wandering in the nature, swimming in a crystal clear sea under the high mountain peaks … – whatever inspires you.

The rich gastronomy and wine offer, are here to spice up your holiday or your event, with tastes and smells that you will never forget. Every region in Croatia has its own culinary personality. Harmonious mixture of many fantastic traditional sea food and meat specialities as well as organic vegetables and homemade sweets will delight even the most demanding clients.


Pleasant cities, countryside and mountains, relaxation at thermal spas or discovering exceptional culinary delights.

The land of diversity, where on the small area you can find the charming mixture of magnificent Alps and Mediterranean Sea. On this small area the nature has created extraordinary contrasts, which surprise everybody.

Slovenes are very proud that their home has so many delights to explore or admire: beautiful national parks and lakes, especially Triglav national park and lake Bled, friendly towns with unique and historic architecture, like its capital Ljubljana, and a range of health spas with thermal mineral water.

It is a land with a fascinating range of culture and entertainment, a breath-taking and extensive underworld of cave systems, vast natural forests, rolling hills and vineyards as well as sunny Adriatic coast with a string of a sleepy medieval harbour towns and modern resorts.


A country known for its hospitality and generosity, friendly people, delicious and healthy food

Serbia is a country known for its great people and their exquisite hospitality. People of Serbia always welcome guests with open arms, hugs and kisses. Their hospitality and high spirits are their main characteristics. They will not let you leave until you have tasted some of the delicious traditional dishes or local brandy called “Rakija”.

Serbia is known as a crossroad of eastern and western Europe. There are monuments that will leave you breathless. Many mediaeval churches and monasteries, some of which are included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, will show you the beauty of orthodox culture. These holy places treasure some of the oldest and most beautiful treasures of Serbian art and architecture.

Serbia is popular for the numerous cultural, entertainment, traditional and sporting events. Belgrade, the capital, the only city built on the confluence of two rivers, is known as “the city that never sleeps” and the symbol of great nightlife. Skadarlija, the most famous bohemian street in Belgrade is a place where you can enjoy music and great food, and then finish you evening partying on numerous floating clubs, where parties last until first daylight.


Small but an exceptional country – with rich cultural heritage and unique nature, still untouched, innocent and special.

Montenegro is a land of many diversities: the land of high mountains, beautiful coast and medieval cities, with fantastic food and heart welcome people. If you long for small and protected sand beaches, tranquillity and absolute paradise, you are in the right place. Here you will find fantastic isolated places with private houses or fabulous self-contained villas.

For all of you that like luxury and richness, there are numerous high end hotels with exquisite offer. Here you can meet the richest people in the world, but also get introduced with the life of shepherds in the mountains. You can scroll around Durmitor mountain, for which we believe is a thrill-seekers eden: lush forests, pristine lakes, sweeping gorges and beautiful waterfalls, or explore the wonderful town of Perast on the Adriatic coast, and in the end enjoy the fantastic tastes of Montenegro’s cuisine.

If you choose Montenegro for your holiday, event or incentive trip, it will definitely stay live in your memories for many years – and you will definitely want to come back!
It is a land with a fascinating range of culture and entertainment, a breath-taking and extensive underworld of cave systems, vast natural forests, rolling hills and vineyards as well as sunny Adriatic coast with a string of a sleepy medieval harbour towns and modern resorts.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Most intriguing country for its East-meets-West atmosphere, fantastic food, and pleasant hospitality.

The Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country shaped by 500 years of foreign domination, first by the Turks and then by the Austro-Hungarian empire. This is the most eastern point of the West and the most western point of the East. This 2 culture influence on the culture and architecture, is what we can see even today in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some of the main sights to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina are Sarajevo, the capital city, and Mostar.

Walking through central Sarajevo’s streets in Bascarsija and seeing the terraced villages in the hills gives a strong feeling of the East. On the other hand, the lavish Austro-Hungarian buildings along the Miljacka River feel European.

Bosnia may not have beaches, but it has mountains. Peaks including Jahorina, Vlasic, and Bjelasnica are local hiking and skiing spots. Just take the train between Sarajevo and Mostar and enjoy the views on the mountains and canyons passing along the turquoise waters of the Neretva River.